New Year. New Threads.

2024 kits have just landed.

Who is Cavalry FC?

We are defined by our unwavering passion for the game, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a tight-knit community spirit. Rooted in determination and fueled by a commitment to success, our team proudly adopts the mantra of 'Adapt and Overcome' on and off the pitch.

2024 Cavalry FC Red and Green Scarf 2023 Cavalry FC Black Scarf Cavalry FC Red/Black Scarf 2022 Cavalry FC Green/Red Scarf



Get ready for our upcoming Concacaf showdowns with these cool scarves! The trendy cream scarf showcases our Concacaf edition, highlighting season victories on one side and the prestigious Concacaf Champions Cup on the flip side! Our new scarf for 2024 is also available!

Concacaf Scarf 2024 Scarf

Ride with Us

Our 2024 kits embody the essence of our city and our night sky. Seamlessly blending our natural beauty with our vibrant business spirit, our kits create a striking and dynamic representation on the pitch.