Listen up, heroes! August 10 is our Marvel Match, and it’s gonna be epic! Suit up, grab your gear, and join us for a legendary day! More info to come!
Vintage Crewneck Youth 1/4 Zip Rugby Polo Vintage Shorts


Peace Collective

Cavalry FC fan wear never looked better. Fresh crews, hoodies, and pullovers to rep your squad in style. Grab yours now and show your Cavalry pride

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Who is Cavalry FC?

We are defined by our unwavering passion for the game, a relentless pursuit of excellence, and a tight-knit community spirit. Rooted in determination and fueled by a commitment to success, our team proudly adopts the mantra of 'Adapt and Overcome' on and off the pitch.

Ride with Us

Our 2024 kits embody the essence of our city and our night sky. Seamlessly blending our natural beauty with our vibrant business spirit, our kits create a striking and dynamic representation on the pitch.