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This year, the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation has partnered with Cavalry FC and introduced Patches for a Purpose. Five different patches will be sold with proceeds going to a related charity.

The Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation is the official charitable arm of Spruce Meadows, proudly formed in 2015. The Foundation is committed to supporting education, health & wellness, amateur & grassroots sport, community and agriculture and raises funds throughout the year for these key areas. The mission is to fully support initiatives that bring positive change to the lives of Albertans.

Proceeds from every Pride Patch sold will go towards the Centre for Sexuality in Calgary

Centre for Sexuality is a community-based organization delivering programs & services to support healthy sexuality across the lifespan. The organization has been leading the way in the areas of sexuality, healthy relationships, consent, human rights, gender identity, sexual orientation, equity, and inclusion for 50 years in the Calgary community. The mission is to teach, train and advocate to support healthy bodies, healthy relationships, and healthy communities. The vision is sexual well-being for all.


Each patch has an iron-on backing so it can be affixed to your favourite hat, jersey or backpack. 

Size: 2" high by 1 1/2" wide. 

More info on Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation
More info on Centre for Sexuality

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